“Alex is one of those rare editorial talents so good I’ve employed her twice, on two major newsstand titles, Prevention (a lifestyle magazine for women 40+) and Women’s Health Australia. She’s not only a gifted writer and editor able to turn her hand to anything from news to online content or long-form features, she’s a whizz when it comes to coverline-worthy ideas, fantastic working with talent (in print, social or podcast form) and an absolute pleasure to deal with, no matter how stressful the media world gets. She’s able to juggle multiple deadlines with ease and good humour, and can present even the most in-depth feature in a truly engaging and exciting way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.” – Jacqui Mooney, former Editor at Women's Health Australia and Prevention Australia

"Alex is a brilliant writer with an excellent eye for a story. She's also become a master at editing copy, turning what could have been a mediocre story into a great read. Alex's natural interviewing skills mean she's an excellent podcast host, too. I'd work with Alex again in a heartbeat." – Lizza Gebilagin, Executive Editor at Women's Health Australia

"Working remotely as a freelancer can be an isolating experience, but Alex always made me feel part of the Women's Health team. She is warm and friendly in her management style and a fantastic, efficient editor who gives comprehensive, clear briefs. She always teased out my best work and made my articles stronger with her smart edits." – Penny Carroll, freelance writer

"I worked with Alex twice in the space of 5 years and saw her rise from freelance writer to Features Editor at Women's Health. Alex is a proper 'gun' who can churn out masses of great copy at breakneck speed but also has the added talent of details-driven-diligence. She is great fun to work with and has a collaborative style that is really born of her innate quiet confidence. You'll never bored working with Alex as she always has an intriguing chat-starter but she's also a complete professional. As a creative she really learned the dark art of coaxing a graphic idea out of a designer and without any more gushing I'll really miss working with her." – Adam Williams, former Creative Director at Women's Health Australia

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alex during her time at Pacific Magazines and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the ultimate team player, has an amazing attitude, a willingness to help in areas outside of her role. Alex is professional, positive, agile and creative, I feel lucky to have watched her grow at Women's Health and appreciate the vital role she has played within our team." – Courtenay McDermott, former Senior Marketing and Events Manager at Pacific Magazines